Zara Case Proposal

Zara Case Proposal - While the back end operations develop...

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Zara Case Proposal 2/27/2008 Group E James Clarke Jordan Cohen Joaquin Ezcurra Jesse Freedman John Hawkins
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In today’s growing global economy, retailers have been searching for ways to resonate with consumers in their market segment. Most have struggled to deliver a stylish and affordable product while maintaining steady profit margins, however; one company that has excelled in this space is the Spanish retailing group, Zara. Unlike tradition retailing business models, Zara derives its competitive advantage through several unique practices: Complete vertical integration; short lead times, low quantities and more styles. Although these practices may seem rather straightforward, the implementation is where Zara derives its value. In looking at these core competencies, we will demonstrate how Zara has been able to dominate the retail market while maintaining superior efficiency throughout all aspects of its business. Additionally, we will include a thorough analysis of the technologies used to facilitate the operations of the retailing experience.
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Unformatted text preview: While the back end operations develop the final product that ultimately drives the business, the physical retail experience of Zara is another source of competitive advantage which we will emphasize in our analysis. Our goal upon the conclusion of our presentation is to provide insight into a unique business model which has the potential to reshape the retail industry. In doing so, we will also provide a sustainability (VRIO) analysis to determine if the competitive advantages will continue in the future. The final part of our presentation will incorporate a live look at a Zara retail operation in Georgetown. We will assess how the store compares with the norm for the firm and provide feedback according to our findings. In doing this our hope is to provide the class with a sense of what it is like to shop at this retailer and to show how all of the elements that we will have discussed tie into the store here in Georgetown....
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Zara Case Proposal - While the back end operations develop...

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