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Field Study Assignment #1 Best Buy Store Analysis GROUP E Jesse Freedman, Jordan Cohen, Joaquin Ezcurra, John Hawkins, James Clarke Laurel MD (Store 265) 14160 Baltimore Ave Laurel Lakes Centre Laurel, MD 20707 Phone:  301-497-1890
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The Best Buy our group is analyzing is located in Laurel, Maryland. In relation to the University of Maryland, one would simply drive north on Route 1 for fifteen minutes until they reached Laurel Lakes Shopping Centre. Route 1 is the major road servicing the Best Buy and all traffic flowing in and out of the shopping center is turning off of Route 1 into the shopping centre. If you are driving from either direction it is very easy to notice the Best Buy as it has a tremendous presence and is conveniently located in the center of the shopping mall. As part of our analysis, we spoke with the store manager to get insight into the specifications of the Laurel store. He told us the store is classified as a type “K” Best Buy which correlates roughly between 45,000-49,000 square feet. The manager went on further to tell us that the Laurel store is an average size store for Best Buy and carries a full range of products and services. The traffic flow for the Laurel Best Buy is above average. The high level of vehicular traffic compared with surrounding areas and competing stores allows Best Buy
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BestBuyAssignment#1 - Field Study Assignment#1 Best Buy...

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