PHILOSOPHY PAPER - Discuss how Descartes' method of doubt...

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Discuss how Descartes' method of doubt leads him to conclude the dualistic structure of the world. The renowned phrase “I think therefore I am” has been heard by many, but how much does one know about the meaning behind the statement? This statement clearly portrays Rene Descartes concept of the dualism of the mind and body. Rene Descartes is a rationalist who believes that all foundational truths are based solely on reason. Descartes makes it known in Meditations on First Philosophy that reason is behind our existence. Descartes refuses to believe that there is anything going against his beliefs. If he is unsure about a topic, he will ignore the uncertainty and base his beliefs on that one certainty that he knows to be true. The simple fact that we exist is because we think. There in lies the truth that we all know since we can comprehend this, but the fact that we might exist because someone is feeding us this information does not even penetrate the mind of Descartes in his thinking. Descartes believes that all matter in some way will interact with the mind, whether it is physically by being stuck by a pin and feeling the pain, mentally or by physically seeing ourselves like he does the ball of wax entails our existence. In the beginning of Descartes’ passage he speaks of how he is going to express his idea of dualism. He begins by saying that, “it is necessary, once in the course of my life, to
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PHILOSOPHY PAPER - Discuss how Descartes' method of doubt...

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