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Piety & Impiety

Piety & Impiety - Both Euthephro and Socrates have...

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Both Euthephro and Socrates have different answers to this question: What is piety and impiety? Euthyphro gives the following statements: 1. " Piety is prosecuting the individual who has committed murder or sacrilege, impiety is not doing so" According to Socrates, this is unacceptable. Even if it was true, Euthyphro has only cited two examples and has not given a definition that would give anyone reason to decided if any give actions, including Euthyphro's own actions, are or are not worthy. 2. " Piety is what is pleasing to the gods, impiety is what is displeasing to them" Socrates finds a problem in this answer because in this answer the gods do not agree with one another and argue. This means that Euthyphro's answer contradicts itself, which leads to it being rejected. 3. " Piety is what pleases all the gods, impiety is what displeases all of them" One can say that this is one of Euthyphro's best answers because it shows him clever enough to realize that the previous answer to the question led to contradiction.
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