Keys-5a winter finals exam vA-

Keys-5a winter finals exam vA- - VERSION A Your name...

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VERSION: A Your name Student ID # Signature Bio 5A (Section 001, 9:00 am lecture) March 19th, 2008 Final Examination You may NOT talk, pass notes, or have any books, notes, calculators, nor electronic communications devices near you during the examination. Write your name, student ID#, signature, and TA’s name on this examination copy. On your Scantron form, write your Name and ID#, and the examination form in this box: Circle your discussion TA’s name and your discussion section below. Kuan-Hui Chen sec 2 : T, 8:10am sec 14 : W, 12:10pm sec 8 : T, 4:10pm sec 17 : W, 8:10am Soon Choi sec 3 : T, 9:10am sec 7 : T, 6:40pm sec 6 : T, 7:10am sec 10 : T, 8:10pm Prakash Devaratu sec 4 : T, 10:10am sec 9 : T, 7:10pm sec 5 : T, 11:10am sec 11 : T, 7:40am Ayesha T. Sirajuddin sec 12 : W, 10:10am sec 15 : W, 1:10pm sec 13 : W, 11:10am sec 16 : W, 2:10pm Circle the answers you choose on this examination copy so you will know which answers you chose when you get your graded examination returned. You will receive this examination copy; your Scantron will not be returned to you. When you finish, please check that your Scantron form is correctly marked and is consistent with your answers on this examination copy. For each question, choose only ONE answer that is the BEST of all the choices. When you are done, slide the Scantron form within the examination pages, so that they will stay together, and turn both in simultaneously. The academic misconduct policy is clearly stated in the Biology 5LA laboratory manual, and should be rigorously adopted. There is a zero-tolerance policy for academic misconduct. A TEST NO.
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For the true/false questions, mark A for true and mark B for false . 1) ( True/False) A gene is a region of DNA whose final product is either a polypeptide or an RNA molecule 2) ( True/False) Spontaneous mutations can occur during DNA replication, recombination, or repair. 3) (True/ False) In a prokaryotic cell, extensive RNA processing occurs in the nucleus. 4) (True/ False) The E site of a ribosome holds the tRNA that carries the next amino acid to be added to the chain. 5) ( True/False) The E site of a ribosome is the exit site, where discharged tRNAs leave the ribosome. 6) (True/ False) AUG is one of the stop codons. 7) ( True/False) In prokaryotes, the polymerase stops transcription at the end of the terminator. 8) ( True/False) Promoters signal the initiation of RNA synthesis. 9) ( True/False) Free ribosomes mostly synthesize proteins that function in the cytosol. 10) ( True/False) Base-pair substitution can cause missense or nonsense mutations. 11) Which of the following is not involved in DNA replication? A) Okazaki fragments B) replication fork C) 5’-cap D) DNA polymerase E) semiconservative model 12) Synthesis of mRNA is called A) translation B) transcription C) post translational modification D) translocation E) recombination 13) A codon A) consists of three nucleotides. B) may
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Keys-5a winter finals exam vA- - VERSION A Your name...

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