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ActivStats Lesson 8

ActivStats Lesson 8 - heights compared to the other runners...

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ActivStats Lesson 8 Heptathlon Rob Chudy 1). High jump = 202.544 – 37.5004 The slope in this case means that for every 37.5004 seconds faster the runner is in the 800 meter dash, they will jump a meter higher in the high jump. 2). The r^2 value is 24.6 % 3). Not really. The times for good 800 meter runners is under 135, however the best high jumper are running over that time. 4).The residuals reveal that the data is very spread out. Some runners have great running times, and great high jump
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Unformatted text preview: heights compared to the other runners, while some runners are bad in both high jumping and the 800 meter dash. 5). I would not use this to predict data, because it is not a useful model. There is to much difference in the data to make an accurate prediction. The std. Deviations are also different....
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