Exam 2 Set B solution

Exam 2 Set B solution - Acct101 T2 Set B NAME:_ SFSU ID#_...

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Acct101 T2 Set B NAME:_______________________________ SFSU ID#________________ 1) 10%. Complete the following statements with one of the terms listed below. You may use a letter more than once and some letters may not be used at all. There may be more than one answer for each statement. [-2 ea] A. CFO E. Audit committee B. Controller F. Treasurer C. COO G. Board of Directors D. Cross-functional teams H. CEO __G__ hires the CEO report(s) to the CEO. ___F_ is directly responsible for raising capital and investing funds. _D___ often include management accountants __B__ is directly responsible for financial and managerial accounting. 2).10% .Indicate whether each of the following costs is a product cost or a period cost for a manufacturer. [-2 ea.] H) _period__ advertising expense I) _PRODCT_ direct labor incurred in factory J) __PRODCT___ factory machinery repairs and maintenance K) _PRODCT_ depreciation expense on factory machinery L) _PRODCT_ plant insurance expense. 3. 30%. WasteKing wants to determine a fuel surcharge to add to its customers’ bills based on the number of miles driven to each area. It wants to separate the fixed and variable portion of the truck’s operating costs so it has a better idea how distance affects these costs. WasteKing has the following data available.
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Exam 2 Set B solution - Acct101 T2 Set B NAME:_ SFSU ID#_...

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