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Nov17,20,06 - Simple and compound leaves(Fig 35.6 Simple...

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November 17, 2006 Simple and compound leaves (Fig 35.6) Simple Compound (Doubly Compound)
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Cross-section of a leaf Plant development processes o Patterning Specification of cell types ( differentiation) Specification of spatial and temporal patterns or arrangements Blueprint of development (located within the genome of an organism) o Morphogenesis Origin of shape/morphology – how a body generates form Dependent upon cell division, cell expansion, cell movement, and cell differentiation o Growth An increase in size Control over cell number and size Plant development is genetically regulated o Genes provide proteins, RNA’s, DNA’s BUT – development is also dependent on external factors (the environment) Patterning o Controlled by transcription factors, and spatial or temporal factors o Phases of plant development Embryogenesis Seed development Involves the transformation of a zygote into a multicellular structure ( sporophyte)
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