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Laura Ovsak Honors American Transitions-Fall 2007 January 17 th , 2008 Final- Essay Choice 3 When America entered World War I in 1917, a primary concern was the absence of public unity. President Wilson created the Committee on Public Information. It was created to support the war domestically while publicizing the aims of war abroad. It was the first time that the government had employed the use of propaganda on such a large scale. This had both positive and negative impacts on the American people. Some forms of propaganda proved to be effective in some ways, while others seem to aim at causing fear in the American public. By the time World War II rolled around, Americans had already discovered that propaganda was used in many ways, and began to see that propaganda was merely a tool. Because of this, propaganda in World War II was less prominent, as Americans had already experienced its effects, and had learned to come up with their own ideas and conclusions based on the information that the government and the public gave them. The negative aspects of propaganda were easy to spot. For example, in Discovering the American Past , in Chapter 5, we may refer to source 6 as a negative aspect of propaganda. It depicts a gorilla holding a devastated woman. The headline of the piece says, “Destroy this mad brute.” The message that this piece of propaganda gives off is the idea that Germany is a raging beast, and must be put to death. It
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HistoryFINAL2 - Laura Ovsak Honors American...

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