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Laura Ovsak Honors American Transitions Fall 2007 Oral History Assignment In our examination of the major transitions in American History, we have focused on how Americans interpreted important national events. Through review of primary documents, we have attempted to determine the biases, motivations, perceptions, and realities of the creators of our primary source material as they recount their individual and collective experiences and memories. In this analysis of the Vietnam War and its surrounding events, we had the opportunity to generate primary source material. This assignment helped us to better understand what it was like to experience the Anti-War in Vietnam Movement and its Counterculture. Through interviewing Mr. John Ovsak, an immigrant from Argentina who experienced a very specific situation, we were able to place foot in that time period, and realize what life was really like, living in a major turmoil among Americans. Through interviewing Mr. Ovsak and hearing him recount his personal experiences, I learned that the Vietnam movement was much different in reality than how it is told in textbooks. Upon further investigation of my interview with Mr. Ovsak, further research was necessary. I learned of the “Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation Between Argentina and the United States ; July 27, 1853.” This was a document from the 19 th century which stated specific agreements between the United States and Argentina regarding commerce and amnesty. This was the document that he referred to, which allowed him to avoid going to Vietnam. His personal feelings on Vietnam seem to match right on point with the views of other Americans of that time period. In the post-war, Americans struggled to absorb the lessons of the
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interviewpaper - Laura Ovsak Honors American Transitions...

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