theater 30 - guideposts for bt

theater 30 - guideposts for bt - Bora Kem Shirtleff's...

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Bora Kem Shirtleff’s Twelve Guideposts for “The Brilliant Traces” Guidepost 1 – RELATIONSHIPS I am Henry Harry, a lonely antisocial male who in the midst of losing connection with the world seeks a secluded asylum from any sort of socialization. When Rosannah walks through that door, I have mixed feelings about it. She appears to be the person that I secretly long before – who despite whatever happened to me in the past will save my dying soul. Yet she maybe someone who will take away all of the whatever I have left – a peaceful sense of seclusion. Guidepost 2 – CONFLICT I know that Rosanna might be going through a lot, most of what happened I do not know. Yet with no purpose or reason, she intrudes in my sanctuary, my home, my world. There are things I want to hide, things that no one needs to know and overstepping that boundary only harms both parties. If she comes into my personal space, then she has to share her personal story. There is a fine line of vulnerability and territory here. Guidepost 3 – THE MOMENT BEFORE She just woke up, and I made her soup and I retell her how she came to be here of all places. I was not sure how she would react and what she would say so I was a bit relieved that she managed to make jokes about things. Even then, I do not feel totally secure about things because who knows what this woman is like. Guidepost 4 – HUMOR
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theater 30 - guideposts for bt - Bora Kem Shirtleff's...

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