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Religion 67 April 17, 2005 Instructor: Clarence Hardy Interpretive Essay #2 DUE: By May 16, 2005 at 3 PM place the assignment in the mailbox outside my office in 305 Thornton. Each day the assignment is late without a granted extension or an extreme emergency will result in the loss of a letter grade. TASK: Consider in a written essay the legacy of Protestant thought in the form of Calvinism for the US and/or modern world. QUESTIONS : Choose one of the two topics below and write a six to eight page response. (A) Is Jonathan Edwards a true Calvinist? In what ways does he confirm, extend, or subvert Calvinist conceptions of divine activity, the church, and the nature of human beings and faith. (Some adventure-seeking students might write in the voice of an imaginary John Calvin who witnesses the emergence of Puritanism and Jonathan Edwards and assesses what he finds.) (B) Assess how Weber views the thought and legacy of the Reformation for the modern era and whether the example of Jonathan Edwards and American
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Unformatted text preview: Calvinists (Puritans) support his thesis about the influence of the Protestant Reformation on modern market culture? How accurate is his description of Luther and Calvin’s thought and their heirs? And what is your assessment of whether the Puritans as we have studied them embody “worldly asceticism?” FORMAT: Please follow the formatting guidelines below: 1. Your essays should be six to eight double-spaced pages. This does not include footnotes/endnotes, which may extend beyond the page limit 2. They must be typed, printed in black ink on white, letter-sized paper, and stapled. 3. Set all margins (top, bottom, left, and right) at one (1) inch. 4. Insert page numbers and your name on each page of the document. 5. Use Chicago or MLA citation method. 6. Do not submit your paper in a plastic report cover or similar binding device. 7. Include your name, title, and pertinent class information on a separate cover page....
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