Span 80 - Presentacion Madres de la Plaza de Mayo (Arg.)

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Historical Background Outline Perón’s Return (October, 1973): Peron lideraba un movimiento populista que tiene el respaldo de la clase obrera y otros movientos progresistas. Role of Perón as a moderating force between the Leftists movements such as the working unions and the Montaneros and the reactionary Armed forces. Perón’s Death (July 1 st , 1974): Isabel Perón (his third wife) takes over but due to inexperience and lack of understanding of the political situation, she is unable to maintain the resemblance of peace. Increasing political violence and general strikes frighten the military and on March 24, 1976, a military junta takes over in a bloodless coup. The Military Junta of General Jorge Rafael Videla (1976-1981): His regime was known for its numerous disappearances of rivals and opponents, baby kidnappings, and the harsh tortures inflicted during the Dirty War. He claimed to be fighting subversives such as the radical Marxist Montaneros and ERP guerrilla groups, but also said that the
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