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ENGM187 assignment 10 Nov-QJ

ENGM187 assignment 10 Nov-QJ - Making Mosaic project...

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Making Mosaic project outreach to the local community Xianghui Weng My Target As a foreigner, I stayed in have been here at Dartmouth for only a short time, and I only have very few local friends . However, I often visited Thetford church with my landlord. , T t he people at the church are very friendly, and the most important is that most many of them want to contribute to the evacuees in Katrina hurricane. , Church members have they even organized a relief team with other churches, one which to travelled to Louisiana to help the people residents clean up their severely-damaged houses . Consequently, So I decided to target the people in this church to perform outreach for our Mosaic project. What I did ? I already talked with several friends there in church about our project, and most of them showed great interest. Last week, I sent our web link to the pastor, and asked him to forward it to as many people as he can. , H h e has the email address of most church members. ,
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