COLT - 062 - Week 2 Reading Notes

COLT - 062 - Week 2 Reading Notes - "Simulacra and...

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“Simulacra and Simulation” by Jean Baudrillard Hypermarket and Hypercommodity: - The hypermarket cannot be separated from the highways that surround and feed it, or the parking lots and computer terminals or from the town in concentric circles as total functional screen of activities. - The hypermarket preexists the metropolitan areas. It is the expression of a whole lifestyle that erases the country and the town to make room for “metro areas” The hypermarket helps us understand the end of modernity. The hypermarkets no longer have qualities of markets that deal with autonomized functions (commerce, work), but with a “model of distentegration of functions and distentegration of the city itself which is transplanted outside the city and treated as a hyperreal model. - New cities are satellized by the hypermarket or shopping center, serviced by programmed traffic networks where cities are turned into metro areas that establish orbits for suburbanization and function as an implant for new aggregates, as factories and universities once did. The Implosion of Meaning in the Media: - More and more information, less and less meaning. This loss is linked to the dissolving and dissuasive action of information, media, and the mass media. Where we think information produces meaning, the opposite occurs and it devours its own content, communication, and the social. - Does the media neutralize meaning and produce uninformed or informed masses, or is it the masses who victoriously resist the media by absorbing all the messages that the media produces without responding to them? Are the mass media on the
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COLT - 062 - Week 2 Reading Notes - "Simulacra and...

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