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ENGS 52 Jett (Winter 2006) EXTRA CREDIT Since one of the course objectives is to see applications of Management Science/Operations Research (MS/OR) techniques, I'm making available an option for those who want extra credit for their final grade. The next page has a list of articles on reserve in Feldberg Library. For extra credit (or to make up for missed classes), you may do read one of the articles and prepare a 10-minute presentation for the class. You may prepare any of the 12 articles listed, or find another article on your own which I must approve. Items 1-7 are examples of mathematical programming (i.e., linear programming, integer programming). Items 8-12 are simulation examples. You may present alone or as a group of two or three people. Please let me know when you have settled on a particular article to present, so that we don't have multiple presentations on the same article. The first person (or group) who commits to an article gets first priority in presenting it.
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ENGS_52___Extra_credit_presentations - ENGS 52 Jett (Winter...

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