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______________________________ Name Biology 37 s06 Mid-Term Exam Instructions READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BEGINNING 1. You will have 2 hours to complete this examination. AT THE BEGINNING, PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME LEGIBLY ON THE TOP OF THIS PAGE. 2. All answers must be CONFINED to the space provided below each question, so plan your answer before writing. Answers exceeding that space (example: in margins, on back) will not be read and you will lose credit . Indeed, many of the questions can be answered in just a few sentences and a very lengthy explanation is not required . Three (3) extra pages are provided for scribbling and planning your answers, as necessary. These pages must be turned in with the exam. Use of diagrams is discouraged unless they are fully explained. Explanations that “ramble about” potential answers in hopes of "landing on" the correct one are also discouraged. A question may have more than one possible correct answer; I am only looking for a single , well- articulated succinct
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