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Colt 62 readings-0 - The View from Notre-Dame, T.J. Clarke...

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The View from Notre-Dame, T.J. Clarke Haussman’s belief that only when the city has been systematically occupied by the bourgeoisie and made quite ruthlessly to represent that class’s rule, can it be taken by painters to be an appropriate and purely visual subject for their art. (23) Haussmann’s modernity had been built by evicting the working class of Paris from the center of the city. Haussman’s critics claim that his modernity was philistine and repressive. This article mediates between opposing views that putting a stress on the effort at ideological unity involved in Haussmann’s rebuilding, and on the degree to which that effort failed. Notion in the 19 th century that the city divulged its secrests in such places, and that the curious ground between town and country had its own poetry and sharpened the dreaming onlooker’s sense of what it meant to be bourgeois or campagnard. (what is that last word? I got no idea.) Van Gogh’s paintings in 1886 depicted the aftermath of Haussmannization- meant to convey the brutality with which the city has been transformed. Haussmann’s rebuilding was spectaculuar in the most oppressive sense of the world- it let the city be consumed in the abstract. Haussmannization restructured boulevards, lay out new aqueducts, more parks A lot of critics of Haussmannization at the time- that Paris was lost 1. Business had been done wastefully and dishonestly. 2. City that resulted was regular, empty and boring. 3. Enemies of Haussmann said that the baron had meant from the beginning to evict working class from its old place in the center of Paris. 4. In place of one Paris, Haussman had made two- of rich and poor 5. New city was given over to vice, vulgarity and display Paris in 1870, for all Haussmann’s alterations, was still overwhelmingly working- class The context of industry was the quartier- each with its own shopkeepers and negociants, who gave it the access it needed to Paris and the world beyond. Haussmann homogenized the business of the city- omnibus companies closed
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Colt 62 readings-0 - The View from Notre-Dame, T.J. Clarke...

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