netflixcase - Keep current audience and try to expand at...

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CASE: ____________Netflix_____By: Andrew Melson_______ Who is the Case Protagonist? Reed Hastings What Company do they work for? Netflix Title? CEO What is their educational/professional background? Pure Software 1991 Case Tension or Problem Technology and competition Relevant Case Facts Blockbuster and Wal-Mart came out with similar Services Netflix was the first in the DVD rental Market Wal-Mart has better brand loyalty than Netlfix Netflix has better plans than the other companies offer. The barriers to entry are very low Conclusions New companies can come in at any time Netflix may lose the majority of their customers to other companies Netflix lost their edge and are no longer the only company in the market Action Plan Keep up with new markets and technology
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Unformatted text preview: Keep current audience and try to expand at the same time Identified Similarities/Differences to other Cases Similarities Both companies are trying to maintain their previous customer base and not lose it to competitors Differences Netflix has a more stable customer base than some of the other companies case studies Follow-up Where is the company today? Netflix is doing fairly well today Blockbuster is kind of starting to gain on them in the market with their new offers and plans with in store pick up. What new relevant information can you provide? Blockbuster came out with new plans for customers where they can either have the movies mailed to them or picked up at the store this has threatened Netflixs customers base severely...
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netflixcase - Keep current audience and try to expand at...

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