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Melson 1 Are Facebook, Instant messaging, and Text Messaging are destroying the English language? There are many people who believe that these things are causing a downfall to the way that English is spoken and written; while others argue that these things re-define communication and make it a lot easier for people to communicate. The fact is that there are times where certain lingo is appropriate and inappropriate. The key is to define this line and justify between social and professional situations. It is appropriate to use IM speak in writing and language in social settings but not in academic or professional settings. Instant Messaging or IM is huge in the world today. It is making communication so much easier, but it is bringing a whole new language into the world. A language filled with abbreviations, lingo, and short hand. Text Messaging is basically the same thing but it’s messaging from cell phone to cell phone but it uses the same lingo. The language used in Instant Messaging and Text Messaging are only be used in a social situation rather than in a professional situation. Many people state that new technological advances in the world are causing students to bring outside slang and abbreviation into academics. The fact of the matter is that the teachers and the parents are the ones that need to prevent this from happening. Teachers need to be strict with the use of Instant Messaging lingo and slang into essays and research papers. While the lingo is appropriate in social situations it is not appropriate in the work place. If students are not taught when they are young that certain things are not acceptable in the work place then they will not recognize the difference between when lingo is and is not acceptable. The new lingo and abbreviations are great for social settings and even on rough drafts to get the mind thinking, but in no way is it acceptable to hand a paper with short hand and abbreviations. There is no denying that social language should not be used in professional work places. If people start allowing abbreviations and short hand writing and language into professional and academic situations then
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Facebookvslanguage - Melson 1 Are Facebook Instant...

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