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CASE: __________McDonalds______BY: Andrew Melson_____ Who is the Case Protagonist? Jim Cantaloupo What Company do they work for? McDonalds Title? Chief Executive What is their educational/professional background? Board of directors for : Sears, Roebuck, and Illinois Tool Company. Case Tension or Problem Health conscious individuals, Competition, and Worst Customer Service Relevant Case Facts Competition is Sever in the fast food industry Health conscious individuals are growing McDonalds has poor customer Service ratings Other competitors have been ranked better New technology has threatened the fast food indutry Conclusions McDonalds may start to have a market loss every quarter The fast food industry may lose a lot of it money McDonalds will most likely lose a lot of its market share Action Plan Change their image and become a more health conscious fast food
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Unformatted text preview: restaurant. • Regular Unscheduled Reviews of McDonalds • Improvement in Customer Satisfaction Identified Similarities/Differences to other Cases • Similarities – Both companies are trying to maintain and improve their customer base • Differences – McDonalds is in a lot more of a deficit than the other companies Follow-up • Where is the company today? Mcdonalds is doing much better than they were before and regaining their customer base. Their new health conscious menu went over well and they are again beating their competitors • What new relevant information can you provide? McDonalds I regaining their market share however they are not doing as well as they used to be doing. They are looking for new ways to get the edge over their competitors...
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mcdonaldscase - restaurant • Regular Unscheduled Reviews...

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