Chapter 11 & 12 Worksheets

Chapter 11 & 12 Worksheets - Chapter 11 Worksheet 1. Of...

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Chapter 11 – Worksheet 1. Of the 2.5% fresh water supply, what amount is available as groundwater or surface water for human use? a. 100% b. 97.5% c. 2.5% d. less than 1% 2. Layers of water-bearing porous rock are called a. aquifers b. artesian wells c. ground wells d. brackish wells 3. Which of the following is the major user of water in the United States? a. households b. industry c. agriculture d. steam-electric utilities 4. What percentage of the human body is water? a. 10% b. 40-50% c. 70% d. 98% 5. Primary wastewater treatment copies two of nature's purification methods. Which two? a. distillation and crystallization b. settling and filtration c. aeration and chlorination d. oxidation and dilution 6. Non-biodegradable organic compounds (such as chlorinated hydrocarbons) are removed in
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a. tertiary treatment b. secondary treatment c. primary treatment d. denitrifying bacteria 7. Which ions are associated with hard water? a. Na+ and NH4+ b. Mg2+ and Ca2+ c. K+ and Cl- d. Pb2+ and Zn2+ 8. Which of the following would be considered polluted water? a. water containing dissolved metal salts b. water which has been heated above normal c. water containing organic solvents d. all of these 9. Which type of industrial product listed below probably does not contribute to hazardous waste problems? a. petroleum refining
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Chapter 11 & 12 Worksheets - Chapter 11 Worksheet 1. Of...

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