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Marco Maffeo-Robinson HW#4- Due 4-17-08 Me295-395 General Observations: Water: If figure 6 is examined (contours of temperature in water) you can see that the flow is very turbulent. The structures are chaotic and range from large turbulent structures to small turbulent structures. If figure 4 is examined, you can see that the spectra in the water decay into the small scale. Polymer: Looking at figure 6, it is clear that the polymer is not very turbulent. One can easily see how uniform and non-chaotic the flow is. This could be due to the fact that the polymer is a “synthetic” fluid (or not natural) and therefore is better at handling turbulence than water. If figure 4 is looked at, the polymer holds the turbulent structures throughout the wave number and they do no dissipate. Comparing Water and the Polymer: The polymer is clearly less turbulent than the water. This can be seen through fig.2. The vorticity is clearly higher in the water than in the polymers, although this doesn’t
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