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Marco Maffeo-Robinson Friday, September 07, 2007 Reaction Paper: Chapter 1 Lindesmith’s article gives insight into understanding a drug addict and why they continue to use the drug. He argues against the psychiatric labeling of drug addicts as “psychopaths” and the idea that dependency is apparent because of the need to “escape from life.” Lindesmith stresses the point that the continued use of drugs in an addict’s life is not to “escape from life” but rather to avoid the pain of withdrawal. He challenges the accepted theory that continued drug use is merely for the purpose of getting high. Lindesmith tells a story of a Dr. H who had been receiving morphine regularly for an injury. Dr. H had seen addicts in his medical practice and feared addiction. Dr. H had recovered from his injury and stopped taking morphine, but several years later contracted another injury. Dr. H took opiates again but this time more frequently for less and less significant reason. Soon Dr. H’s worst fear was realized and he was addicted to the opiate. Lindesmith states: “Addiction
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