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How Statistics Has Helped The World

How Statistics Has Helped The World - How Statistics Has...

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How Statistics Has Helped The World By Marco Maffeo-Robinson I am a Senior Mechanical engineering student here at the University of Vermont. This class has simply confirmed the fact the statistics has help skyrocket improvements in the field of engineering. I didn’t realize it, but I have been using statistics in engineering since my first day here at university of Vermont. Statistics has helped improve the world of engineering is many ways, three of them being: The quality of manufacturing, Engineering Maintenance, and Constructing/Designing experiments. Quality of Manufacturing Statistics has improved the quality of manufacturing in many ways. Statistics allows companies to create a manufacturing plan of action that is timely and efficient. If statistics hadn’t been implemented in the field of manufacturing, there would be no incentive to produce mass amounts or small amounts of a product. It would all simply be a guess. This is not only bad for consumers and the business, but also for the environment. At this day in age, if mass amount of products were produced that would not in demand, there would be mass waste. Also, statistics has helped engineering hone in on how to make their products/manufacturing products more environmentally friendly. Safety is also a big issue that statistics has helped solve in the quality of manufacturing. By performing simple tests repeated amounts of times, engineers are able to construct products that can withstand normal wear and tear and even exceed the required factor of safety. This allows the consumer to feel safe and make the product better overall.
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