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Greek Mythology Notes - Greek Mythology Notes Greek myths-...

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Greek Mythology Notes Greek myths- result of Greek’s uncertainty about stability/order in the world Athens- Athena (wisdom/military power) male qualities, virgin Mythos- story Mythologia- thinking critically about a story. Continuing/ universal significance. PURPOSE of myths: Personalize nature. Explain creation/death. Divinities- larger forces. Human’s place in the cosmos Archetypes Entertainment Zeus- lust, heroes, running off w/ women, justice, royalty Hera- Zeus’ wife, marriage, veil- status of marriage, queen Poseidon- sea, trident (scepter), Athena,Poseidon in a contest Demeter- earth, agriculture, allows sustenance, literally fertile --Persephone (daughter) kidnapped by Hades. Athena – wisdom, born from Zeus’ head, often armed, military, Parthenon (her temple) Apollo and Python- prophecy, lyre, oracle Artemis- twin sister, bows + arrows, nature, hunt, animals Actaeon- human hunter, saw Artemis bathing, she killed him with his own hunting dogs Hephaestus- tools, metal working Ares- wra Aphrodite- love, desire Hermes- travel, crossing of boundaries, traveler’s hat, staff, sandal Dionysus- helps in upbringing, ivy, youngest, ecstasy, light, wine Apollo- god of music, lyre, bow+arrow, prophecy-tripod, epithet- “far shooter” family Zeus-Leto intro- who he is mythos #1 Birth-Delos (explanation) festival-aetiology theme: recognition/disguise Apollo- dolphin Demeter- old lady mythos #2 Oracle – Delphi. Hera gives birth to in jealousy. Snake – “Pythian” python (rot/stinker) Intro- motherhood-fertility- crops, agriculture Mythos- explanation of seasons Festival at Eleusis Archetype-Bolen- arguing polytheistic, not made up in one psych, way greek myths explain our multiplicity VS. Freudian psychology- id, ego, superego Polytheistic- can explain why bad things happen to good people Hermes- clever (cattle_ inventive- lyre-music – more concerned with invention than music. Persuasive- words. Dream-bringer Medicine-staff. Escort underworld shape-changer
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Boundaries for Hermes: awake/sleep. Humans/gods. Life/death. Travel. Herald/ambassador Mischevious/ tool maker/ baby, thief, liar Craves meat—ambrosia solid nectar liquid. Born in a cave Mother- Maia Aphrodite- love, beautiful, desire universal. Love with humans and gods. Mischevious-manipulate gods. She is vulnerable
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Greek Mythology Notes - Greek Mythology Notes Greek myths-...

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