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greekstudyguidefinal - Myth and Psychology Phoenician...

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Myth and Psychology Phoenician Woman- Euripedes-Author. Tells the story of the founding of Thebes. Kadmos came first to the land&Dionysus was born in this land. Kadmos killed a snake/monster. Spread the snake’s teeth throughout the land, armed men arose from the earth. That is how Thebes was founded…Asking the gods to come and watch over Thebes. Demeter the archetype. Demeter-maternal archetype. Demeter- mother of Persephone, provides food, spiritual sustenance. Mother figure in Mt. Olympus. Unplanned pregnancy. If a woman has Demeter influence her a lot, getting an abortion will be very difficult, no relief only depression and stress. Food-gives her great pleasure in providing food. Cares a lot about her children. Most generous goddess. Gave humans agriculture and harvests. Depressed “Demeter woman” a woman who had a huge role in her children’s life but something happened to make that influence go away.
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