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Personal Narative-HCWL - Matt Hudson Honors College Writing...

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Honors College Writing Lab Period 3 2/27/07 The Game of Life Little beads of sweat were beginning to build up on my temples as I searched for my next move. Then I saw it, I saw the move to beat him, to crush the other person’s dreams, and to achieve mine. “Checkmate!” I cried excitedly as I won the 2001 chess tournament at St. Odilia middle school. I had come a long way from the sunny summer day that I first learned chess. The sky was the perfect shade of blue as I headed out my door to go on my daily jog. I started slowly, moving my arms in rhythm with my feet. I headed towards the park that I had seen on my jog the other day. I liked exploring new places because running the same path over and over would make me want to stay at home and do something much more interesting, like watch TV. As I rounded the corner, I spotted the park which I had never been to before. There, the tress in full bloom stood looming like an entrance into the park, with the big oak branches lining the trail. On that quiet day, I could hear the soft noise of the orchestra of tress as the breeze gently rushes through the leaves. I decided right then and there that this was one of the best places I had ever run at. I was sweating as I neared the exit to the park. My hand instinctively went to wipe the sweat that was running down my face. As I did this, I spotted a flannel jacket and a faded blue sweatshirt sitting at a park bench. I noticed them playing a game that I had never seen before. My eyes seemed to be drawn to this new and intriguing game. Like a magnet, my legs turned towards the picnic table.
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Personal Narative-HCWL - Matt Hudson Honors College Writing...

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