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AR2111 term paper - AR2111: Modern Art D2007 April 27, 2007...

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AR2111: Modern Art D2007 April 27, 2007 Modern Art Drew Away From Renaissance Rigidity to Create Ways of Portraying their Subjects After the Renaissance period, artists tried to move away from the more “classic” and conventional idea of art. Renaissance aimed at portraying idealized figures. Renaissance artists also often depicted extraordinary people (such as religious figures, Venuses and other mythological beings, royalty and/or government officials, those in the upper-middle class, and patrons). During the time period, there was much cultural change and achievement and people tried to perfect, discover, solve, and explain a lot; also, many Renaissance artists, such as Leonardo DaVinci, created works that attempted to have organized compositions, realistic light, use of color, proportions, and perspectives, as well as classical characteristics. However, after that period, many cultures tried to draw art away from the Renaissance ideals in a variety of ways. Those in the seventeenth- century Baroque period began to draw more “common” people (such as servants and other laborers). Later, especially in the nineteenth century, partly because of the many revolutions that had occurred in the Western world, Romanticists and Realists, for instance, began to make political statements in their paintings. During this time, people also began to use characteristics, such as color schemes, subjects and styles, which were influenced by non-Western places, such as Asia and Africa. In the nineteenth century, Impressionists began to use long, smooth brushstrokes, studied the “transitory effects of color, (and influenced) new theories about the physiology of perception.” 1 Modern art was an era that incorporated a majority of the deviances from Renaissance art and was 1 David G. Wilkins, Bernard Schultz, and Katheryn M. Linduff, Art Past Art Present , p. 444.
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very much a time where you could see the drift away from the rigidity of the Renaissance period. Art Nouveau artist, Gustav Klimt, who created the oil-on-canvas The Kiss , was a part of a movement that “set itself the task of radically changing the human environment. The young artists wanted to fill the world with beautiful things.” 2 First of all, this 1907- 08 painting is flat, distinguishable from the Renaissance period, which attempted to show the third dimension, with foreshortening and other methods. “At the beginning of the century the protagonists of Art Nouveau already tackled an issue that still concerns us
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AR2111 term paper - AR2111: Modern Art D2007 April 27, 2007...

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