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Term Paper Architecture - Architecture: AR 2113 Due:...

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Unformatted text preview: Architecture: AR 2113 Due: December 11 th , 2006 TERM PAPER American Architectural History Through Local Examples: Institutional There are various genres of American architecture, including the institutional building, whether it be a governmental, college, or administration building. There are various buildings that are institutional located in Worcester, including the Mechanics Hall on Main Street, Worcester Memorial Auditorium on Lincoln Square, and Fuller Laboratories at WPI. Mechanics Hall, located in downtown Worcester, is one of the citys older institutional buildings, and was built from 1855 to 1857. It is often thought of by architectural historians as the nation's finest pre-Civil War concert hall., 1 and is known to have excellent acoustics. The Worcester Mechanics Association, founded in February of 1842, an organization that aimed to educate the city of Worcesters nineteenth-century industrial workers with classes in the mechanical arts, teamed up with famous Worcester architect Elbridge Boyden to design and construct Mechanics Hall. 2 It was built in the middle of the reform of the industrial arts, which had been initiated in England and France in the early-nineteenth century 3 ; and this was a building that promoted both musical and mechanical art. Mechanics Hall incorporates elements of classical architecture, for example, with its Roman Corinthian-style columns on the third story. Unlike classical 1 http://www.mechanicshall.org 2 Elliot B. Knowlton and Sandra Gibson-Quigley, Worcesters Best: A Guide to the Citys Architectural Heritage (Worcester, Massachusetts: Preservation Worcester, 1996), p. 33. 3 Alan Coloquhoun, Modern Architecture (New York: Oxford University Press, 2002), p. 14-16. architecture, however, the columns dont serve a structural purpose and are for decorative purposes. The hall is, more so, a reflection of Italian Renaissance architecture, because while it employedelements of Roman architecture, it developed them in its own fashion, adapting them freely to immediate needs, and retained its power of growth. 4 For example, the buildings faade is very symmetrical, with a rectangular front and an isosceles triangular pediment on top, and is built of cast-iron, mastic covered brick and galvanized iron. Also, the and is built of cast-iron, mastic covered brick and galvanized iron....
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Term Paper Architecture - Architecture: AR 2113 Due:...

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