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AR 2113 - AR 2113 Samson B 2006 TERM PAPER AMERICAN...

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AR 2113 Samson B 2006 TERM PAPER: AMERICAN ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY THROUGH LOCAL EXAMPLES You have an option here of writing a mini-textbook on one of three genres of American architecture: the house, the commercial building, or the institutional building. For the building type that you choose, go look at the buildings listed and write about THREE of them. , and the periods you deal with. (For example, I framed my class discussion of the University of Virginia in the context of originality versus knowledge of the history of classical architecture, and in the context of American ideas of laying out land for individual self-sufficiency, profit, and community all at once.) In addition to the local buildings, your essay must use ONE OF THE BUILDINGS FROM OUR MY WPI DOCUMENTS as an especially outstanding, important, or revealing example of the type of building you are writing about. Be sure to explain why, and compare it to the local examples. For each type you write about, use AT LEAST ONE of the writings excerpted at the end of myWPI Documents, or those in Leland Roth's America Builds, to explain the historical, stylistic, and architecture-theory issues that a textbook on your building type
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AR 2113 - AR 2113 Samson B 2006 TERM PAPER AMERICAN...

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