Aural Rehab 10-30-07 - Aural Rehabilitation Class Notes...

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Aural Rehabilitation- Class Notes 10/30/07 Speaker o Familiarity of the speaker o Facial expression o Gestures/ articulation/lips/movements o Rate of speech “Just right” Normal Speech- 15 phonemes/second Eye can record 8-10 discrete movements per second o Distractions- gum, smoking, yawning, sunglasses o Gender o Visibility of speaker Signal/Code o Visibility Viseme- group of phonemes that look alike but sound differently Homopheheneity- sounds/words/phrases that share the same place of articulation and therefore look alike but sound differently Need context, grammatical, lexical, or auditory information to distinguish o English phonemes are not visually unique o Constraints-> Predictability Word sentence rule Situational context Topic o Redundancy_> Predictability o Predictability allows the speech reader to fill in what he/she may have missed and or revised what she/he misread Environment o Distance between speaker and speechreader o Viewing angle Face to face 45degrees o Competition Other speakers Background noise Visual distractions o Lighting o Situational Cues Speechreader o Residual hearing
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o Age o Language Skills Closure o Less than average IQ o Personality Traits Attention Attitude Flexibility o Visual Skills o Visual acuity o Gender Natural Talent Perceptual Proficient o Ability to see fine detail and identity speech movements quickly and accurately Synthetic Ability o
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Aural Rehab 10-30-07 - Aural Rehabilitation Class Notes...

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