Devil Wears Prada - From Andy to Andrea Adapting to ones...

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From Andy to Andrea Adapting to one’s surroundings is essential to surviving in life. In the working world, this could mean the difference between a promotion and unemployment. Employees who do not adjust to their new lifestyle can come off as showing a lack of interest, just as Andy Sachs did in the movie The Devil Wears Prada . While she did not have clothes up to par with her coworkers, her boss immediately ignored her impressive résumé and thought she was unqualified for the job. Her initial plans did not include a career in fashion but a career in journalism. The most influential work of hers included a human interest piece about janitors, which is far from anything related with superficial materialism. Concerned about making a difference, a job at Runway conflicted with her ideals and was just a desperate attempt to pay the rent while searching for her dream job; however, this temporary “fix” still could not make ends meet without the help of her parents. In order to achieve a suitable position in journalism, she would have to be flexible enough to last a year and then she would be able to work anywhere in her desired field. Due to her job, Andy changed dramatically in The Devil Wears Prada so as to cope with her new environment despite neglecting both her close friends and boyfriend in the process. At first, when she wore less appealing clothes, the protagonist went by the boyish name Andy; however, when she started wearing designer clothes, her boss, Miranda
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Devil Wears Prada - From Andy to Andrea Adapting to ones...

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