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A Sheepish Jekyll An updated version of Robert Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde into 21 st century standards would be very different from the original story. First of all, the new story will be a lot more technologically advanced. At the time of the original story, potion mixing was not well known and was mysterious, but not so in the 21 st century. The new story will have Dr. Jekyll become a doctor of cloning. Just as the initial potion was meant to separate the good and evil in man, an experimental clone will be created in the new story to exhibit pure good. Naturally, the first (and only) clone experiment will go haywire and end up having the clone become evil. At first, Jekyll will not pick up on the wicked nature of his creation until Hyde manages to get away to commit murder.
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Unformatted text preview: While the first story had one person who looked like two different people, the updated version will have two people that look exactly the same. This will force Jekyll to have to explain himself to others when Hyde escapes, and to also cover up Hyde’s murders. The inner monologues of the original story will instead be played out through dialog that almost always ends in Jekyll being unable to subdue Hyde and ultimately incapable to kill “himself.” Eventually, the pressures of all the murders and possible ramifications of cloning the first human add up and drive Jekyll mad, causing him to disappear and never be seen again; however, no one notices as Hyde will unknowingly take up Jekyll’s identity. In the end, Hyde is arrested for all of his murders and ruins Jekyll’s reputation....
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