TelltaleTitles - A Telltale Title A poetic title to the...

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A Telltale Title A poetic title to the novice reader may seem insignificant in the overall design of a poem; however, one of the greatest tools a poet can use is a vivid name that can paint a picture for the reader. Although poems are small, authors are able to convey numerous messages and emotions through colorful words and imagination. Likewise, given the stature of poem, writers must take full advantage of every possible word in order to successfully tell their story, including the bold opening statement. Titles serve as an introduction to a poem, laying down a foundation for the stanzas to build upon. Some can be abstract, to provoke thought, or some can be misleading, so as to catch the reader off guard. While the title summarizes the entire poem into one line, several of its other meanings can go unnoticed the first time it is read. Given this fact, various first impressions may differ from reader to reader when analyzing such poems as: Atwood’s, “you fit into me,” and Garrison’s, “Please Fire Me.” Upon first glance, the title, “you fit into me,” conjures up an image of a perfect relationship. With the author being female, it is more likely that this poem would deal with love rather than if the author was a male, who stereotypically would avoid writing about such feelings. The title emits a picture of two halves coming together and forming a bond, but not necessarily whether, “fitting,” is true love or just plain infatuation. Having all lowercase letters, the title evokes a childish appearance, which conflicts with
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TelltaleTitles - A Telltale Title A poetic title to the...

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