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Assignment Number Two. In chapter two of the textbook, the author introduces the topic of Business Meeting Methods. Clearly, face to face meetings are preferred. Telepresence systems yield similar results as face to face meetings. Your boss is meeting with the Chief Executive Officer soon on the topic of Telepresence Systems. You are instructed to perform the research and write a short report as the basis of the presentation. If this goes well, you will become the go-to-person in the department.
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Unformatted text preview: If it does not go well, you will become unemployed. Please visit www.cisco.com , www.hp.com , and www.teleportec.com . Do include introductory, contrast and comparison of each system, summation, and recommendation paragraphs in the two page report. Be sure to include which system you prefer and why. APA citation style is expected in the form of within text references and end note bibliography....
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