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Megan Johnson English 106 April 7, 2008 Child Abuse in Foster Homes According to The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry , there are over 500,000 children living in foster homes every year (64). The American Academy o f Child and Adolescent Psychiatry also states, “Unfortunately, there has been a decrease in the number of foster parents available to care for children over the past 10 years” (64). “FACED with a growing shortage of foster homes, the State Department of Children and Youth Services has started sending teams of social workers into communities to recruit foster parents,” was the shocking statement made in The New York Times . [A foster home] serves children who have experienced abuse or neglect from their birthparents, families, and their foster parents. ( Foster Care V). In Alabama a child is reported to be abused every twenty minutes according to the Alabama Council on Child Abuse . With all of those abuses every twenty minutes the main cause pinpointed by the The Alabama Department of Human Resources seems to be that most parents who abuse their child were abused in their childhood ( ). A foster home’s purpose is to protect children from the neglect that they felt or the abuse that they went through. Sometimes, this is not the case. There have been numerous accounts of the foster parents abusing the children equally or if not worse than the children’s biological parents. Foster parents should be required to take a year of classes to prepare them to deal with children who come into the foster home. The foster parents need to learn how to discipline and cope with abused children 1
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before they are allowed to have these kinds of children placed in their fostering homes. According to Foster Care Today , “ Children in foster care are at high risk for emotional, behavioral, developmental, and physical health problems” (6). These children come out of their homes because of abuse , and some get placed into a foster home where they are being abused again. In a recent interview with a woman who was a foster parent for 20 stressful years to over 15 children, mostly boys said, “Being a foster parent is a lot of hard work, and sometimes it gets stressful, but abuse never crossed my mind in these hard times.” When asked why she wanted to become a foster parent, her answer was what one would hope every foster parent would say. Her heart-warming reply was, “I wanted to become a foster parent because I wanted to help children who weren't getting the help, love, and attention that they needed.” This was a very important comment that she made, because that is the kind of attention that these children need when they come out of previous abusive homes. She also said that she has four biological children of her own, but she does not treat her foster children any different than she treats her biological children. During the interview she was asked if her biological children got jealous of
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fostercare - 1 Megan Johnson English 106 April 7, 2008...

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