2nd midterm paper

2nd midterm paper - Alison Smith Western Civilization I...

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1Alison Smith Western Civilization I Tuesday/Thursday 1-2:15 PM Technology of Government in the Post-Roman Era After the invasion by the barbarian nations of the Roman empire, nations were divided and ruled basically through tribal laws and rulers. Eventually, however, strong central governments were able to take control of the people through religion, law, education, and commerce. At first, the Byzantine Empires main challenge was to fight back the barbarian nations that had destroyed Rome’s system, however, the constant warfare caused the empire to shrink and exhaust their military strength, making them venerable to the Arabs. However, religion remained a mainstay in the Byzantine way of life. Bishops acted as an arm of the government, and they collected taxes and were the judicial branch of the law. However, there was controversy in religion when the soldiers fighting the Arabs sought a source to blame on their losses. They pointed out the biblical law against graven images and it became a popular standpoint for emperors to be opposed to the icons that were often found in homes and monasteries. When iconoclasm took place, potential places of political power (such as monasteries) were thrown into disarray. Under Justinian, the Empire
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2nd midterm paper - Alison Smith Western Civilization I...

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