Midterm identifications

Midterm identifications - 14th amendment -1868 -secured...

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114 th amendment -1868 -secured rights for african americans - gave african americans the same rights as white men, part of the plan for reconstruction 15 th -1870 - gives every male citizen the right to vote - enabled black men to vote, give the Republican party a stand in the south constitution -1787 -the supreme law of the united states - added to it were the bill of rights and 17 amendments poll tax - 1870-1965 -required all to pay a tax to vote -enabled those against black voters to keep blacks from the poll without breaking the law outright plessy vs. ferguson -1896 - “separate but equal” - the cause of civil rights uprisings in the 1960-70s chinese exclusion act -1882 -suspension of Chinese immigration - didn’t allow assimilation into American Culture as European nations did social darwinism -1870s -theory of evolution to society, fittest and wealthiest survive and gov’t unable to alter this natural process. - it was applied to many racist ideas of the time, encouraged Imperialism Talented tenth -1903 - the African American Race would be saved by the top 10% of its population, which would educate and help those below them -The Du Bois philosophy of agitation and protest for civil
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Midterm identifications - 14th amendment -1868 -secured...

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