Henry VIII extra credit paper

Henry VIII extra credit paper - Alison Smith April 10, 2008...

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1Alison Smith April 10, 2008 Tudor England Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-10:45 AM The Faults of Fiction in Margaret George’s Henry VIII While many readers would find George’s book, The Autobiography of Henry VIII, With notes by His Fool, Will Somers, be an enjoyable and informational read, they must still keep in mind that this book is fiction. A well researched work perhaps, as George claims to have read some three hundred books as background for this topic, but still a work of fiction. If not, the reader would be confused as to the actual facts of Henry VIII’s life. The same ideas can be drawn from film, where the lines of reality are severely blurred in a good production. The same can be said with a good novel. They take all they read as fact, and with a work of fiction, such as this book is, that is a poor decision. The first and most important thing that must be addressed when one explores this book, Margaret George’s Henry VIII, is the fact that the reader feels throughout the book that they truly know and understand the personality and workings of King Henry. As more then four hundred years have passed since Henry’s death, and no real journal or memoirs of his life can be found, all other sources of this information must be taken with a grain of salt. As in Freeman’s introduction to his paper, “It’s Only a Movie,” the information that we have would serve as lighting to the history of this man. It may illuminate a moment of his life or a concept of his personality for a brief moment, but we cannot make complete judgments of who he was and
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Henry VIII extra credit paper - Alison Smith April 10, 2008...

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