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RS10 - The Friars Minor

RS10 - The Friars Minor - St Francis of Assisi was born in...

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St. Francis of Assisi was born in 1182, in Assisi. He was originally named, Giovanni Francesco Bernardone. St. Francis’ father was, Pietro Bernardone, he was a wealthy Assisian cloth merchant, and his mother, Pica, belonged to a noble family of Provence. St. Francis had several siblings. St. Francis received his elementary teaching from the priests of St. George’s. Francis was never very apt to learning, he never completed schooling. As a child he was given what ever it was he wanted. Francis loved pleasure, he is noted to constantly sing, have fine clothes, and gave a showy display. Through this personality, Francis became the favorite of the nobles. Although, he spent money frivolously, he was always concerned about the poor. When Francis was about twenty years old he went out with the townsmen to fight the Perugians. The Assisians were defeated and Francis was taken prisoner. He was held a prisoner for more than a year. During this time he contracted a low fever; and this caused him to think about life. After his awakening as a prisoner, he decided to join the military. The night before Francis’ big battle he had a strange dream. In this dream he was told to put cross’ on the shields of his soldiers. In 1205, he began his military voyage, during the trip he fell sick again and had another dream, with the same voice. The voice told him to turn back to Assisi; Francis did immediately. As time passed, Francis was no longer interested in fighting, it is said that his whole demeanor changed and he was turning to solitude more. After a period of uncertainty in his life, Francis began to look towards prayer and solitude. He completely gave up his frivolous spending and showy appearances. One day while Francis was ridding he came upon a leper. Immediately he ran away, but he was compelled to go back. He went back to the leper and gave the man all the money he had on him. Soon after this he went on a pilgrimage to Rome. There he saw a poor man and he exchanged clothes with him. After doing this he fasted and stood with the beggars for the whole
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2 day. Francis returned and was praying before a crucifix when he heard a voice. The voice said to him, “Go, Francis, and repair my house, which as you see is falling into ruin." He took this literally and sold his horses to rebuild the church of St. Damian’s. The poor priest who was head of the temple would not accept the money or the help. When Francis’ father heard about what
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RS10 - The Friars Minor - St Francis of Assisi was born in...

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