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ATM 102/ EST 102 : WEATHER AND CLIMATE Solutions to the First Examination 1. The Earth spins around its axis at the rate of (b) 15 deg/hr. 2. If the angular speed of the Earth is Ω, the Coriolis parameter at latitude Ф is (c) 2 Ω sin Ф. 3. The slight oblateness of the Earth is caused by (b) centrifugal force. 4. The Coriolis force is proportional to (a) the speed 5. The centrifugal force is proportional to (b) the distance from the center of the Earth, as well as (c) the square of the speed. 6. The Coriolis force at the Equator is (b) zero [see answer to question 2.] 7. Cyclonic motion implies (b) counterclockwise rotation. 8. Bathtub vortices in New York exhibit (a) cyclonic motion. 9. Geostrophic wind is (parallel to the surface of the Earth. 10. If the geostrophic wind caused at 43 deg N by a pressure gradient is 34 mph, the same pressure gradient would generate at the North Pole a geostrophic wind of (d)
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Unformatted text preview: 46 mph. [see question 2.] 11. The initiating force for horizontal atmospheric motions is (d) pressure gradient. 12. In gradient flow around a high pressure system, the force pointing in the same direction are (a) centrifugal and pressure gradient forces. 13. In the Northern Hemisphere, if you stand facing the wind, low pressure region is (e) to your right. 14. The gradient wind is only an approximation to the true wind pattern in the atmosphere because it neglects (b) frictional forces. 15. There is less turbulence in the atmosphere than in the troposphere (a) true. 16. The geostrophic wind is independent of altitude in atmosphere that is (b) baratropic. 17. Cyclonic flow in the Northern Hemisphere is clockwise (b) false. 18. In middle latitudes, westerly wind in the troposphere are (a) strengthened upward....
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