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SOC 247 assignments - SOC 247-OTIS 1/31 Reading and...

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SOC 247-OTIS 1/31 Reading and Questions Human Beings: An Engendered Species. Kimmel (R) What is the interplanetary theory of gender difference? What are some problems with this theory? 2/5 Reading and Questions The Trouble with Testosterone. Sapolsky. (B). What is the relationship between testosterone and violence? 2/7 Reading The Egg and the Sperm Martin (B) According to Martin, how do norms about masculinity and femininity inform scientific descriptions of the process of fertilization? 2/12 Reading questions The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female are not Enough. Fausto-Sterling (B) What is a hermaphrodite? The Medical Construction of Gender. Kessler (R) How does the medical community manage bodies that don't readily fit into the categories male or female? How do prevailing gender norms inform these decisions? 2/14 reading and questions (Happy V-day!) The Technology of Orgasm. Maines. (B) How have androcentric (male-centered) definitions of sex led to certain standards of sexuality for females? What has been the role of medicine in maintaining these standards? Lesbian Sex. Frye (R) How do the intimate practices of lesbian partners challenge widely held assumptions about what constitutes "sex"? Why is counting the frequency of sex a problem? What is a "semantic map" and why does Frye believe our semantic maps for sexuality should change? What will this change accomplish? 2/19 Reading questions The Gender of Sexuality. Schwartz (R) Shwartz says that the most significant dimension of sexuality is gender. What does she mean? What are some examples she uses to illustrate this argument? How is sexuality socially organized? Double Lives on the Down-Low (B)
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Based on this report, what is the relationship between identity and sexual practice? What does this article reveal about the ways in which "gay-ness" or gay identity has been culturally understood? Reading 2/21 Three inch golden lotuses. Wang Ping (R) What does the case of footbinding in China illustrate about the social organization of sexuality? 2/26 Readings
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SOC 247 assignments - SOC 247-OTIS 1/31 Reading and...

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