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w1th - connection and the one 5 th cen Sophist Teachers of...

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Self Refuting argument Diogenes of Syncope 6 th Century BCE When Philosophy born in the west Greece Civic Religion Obligated to Greece Citizenry First time people in the west attempted to explain world without gods Ionian philosophers Pre-Socratic philosophers Ionia – Western coast of turkey Meta physicians Attempt to understand the nature of relativity What is existence What is reality Understanding “being” Thales What is the primary substance in life Water Heraclitus Wrote in poetic fragments Fundamental substance of life
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Flux – constant motion Spoke of it as fire poetically Spoke about becoming as opposed to being Logos Logic Patterns Parmenides Fundamental The one Being What ever is, is. What ever is not, is not. Sometimes things aren’t as they seem. Rationally think through it and you will see the underlying
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Unformatted text preview: connection and the one. 5 th cen Sophist Teachers of wisdom First public speakers of the day Protagoras The first relativist Cognitive Subjectivism Truth is relative to the individual Social/Moral Relativism Morality differs from time and place Falicy Appeal to the masses Mo matter how many believe something doesn’t make it rite Cultural Conceptual Man is the measure of all things of that which exist that it exists. Of that which does not exist, does not exist. Gorgias The first nihilist There are no values inherent in the universe Thrasymachus “Justice is the virtue of the strong”...
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w1th - connection and the one 5 th cen Sophist Teachers of...

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