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Amber Chambers Response Paper #2 5/7/2009 Sociolinguistics, as defined in our textbook, is “the study of language in its social context” (p. 117). This relates to how a certain group of people talk, identify themselves, and how the way they speak influences their social context. Anthropologists study sociolinguistics as is relates to how certain groups of people change their way of speaking to conform to or to set themselves apart from who they are speaking to. They could also study speaking as related to power/status. For example, French-speakers use “tu” when addressing someone younger and/or inferior to themselves and “vous” when speaking to someone older and/or of greater status than them. People tend to change their way of speaking when addressing someone of a different gender. Personally, I have noticed that when speaking with a female, I speak of topics I can relate to. We tend to speak of males, celebrities, and other “girl topics”. We also often ask for advice from each other on clothes, hair styles, and the like. Females
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