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Dave Olsen 4/10/2005 Anthropology 3 Genealogy Paper One of the common threads that runs through every culture and civilization in human history is kinship. Every culture has their own way of defining who is member of the family and who is not a part of the family. Some cultures define their kin through both the mother’s and father’s side of the family. This is called bilateral descent. Other cultures base their kin groups around only the mother’s or the father’s. This is unilineal descent. This type of descent can be further broken down into patrilineal, kinship only through the father’s line, and matrilineal, kinship only through the mother’s line. Marriage patterns and kinship definitions vary from culture to culture. The patterns of kinship and marriage differ in the United States through the generations, specifically the Olsen/Merrill family, and from the patterns found in the Yanomamo of South America and the Dobe Ju/’hoansi of Africa. The most obvious difference throughout the generations of the Olsen/Merrill family are the first names of the children. The first names in the first generation of my family are all names that seem unusual today. Most of them are names that are uncommon know, with Stewart being the closest to an exception to that statement. Names like Oscar, Margaret, Billie, Gilman, and Virginia would be out of place on a child today. The second generation has names that are more common, but still some that are
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anthro3-genealogy paper - Dave Olsen Anthropology 3...

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