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Dave Olsen Geography 2 11/21/2004 Country Project New Zealand New Zealand is country that has been noticed by more and more people throughout the world because of the various films that have been shot there. The films explore the wilderness of New Zealand and show off a country that few people outside of the region know much about. Using the five themes of geography (location, place, movement, region, and human/earth relationship), population pyramids of New Zealand and Australia, a map of the distribution of languages throughout New Zealand and Australia, and a map of the main natural resources in New Zealand and Australia. Five Themes The five themes of geography, as determined by the American Association of Geographers, are location, place, movement, region, and human/earth relationship. The theme of location can be broken down further into two types of location, absolute and relative. Absolute location is the exact latitude longitude coordinates while relative location is the location as it relates to another location. The absolute location of New Zealand is 41 degrees S and 174 degrees E. These coordinates run between the two main islands near the capital of Wellington. The main islands are found between 34 and 41 degrees S and 166 and 180 degrees E. The relative location of New Zealand is southeast of Australia in the South Pacific Ocean. Place is theme that makes a description of an area that uses attributes to describe. These attributes can use physical or cultural features. New Zealand is a series of small, mountainous islands. A good portion of the island is forested. There are small cities and towns spread throughout the islands, but the larger cities, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin, are on the coast. The theme of movement is the land that humans occupy and how they travel and communicate. New Zealand’s major cities also act as the main ports and harbors. Railways and highways connect the rest of the nation together.
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Olsen 2 Region is an area that is used to make groups and make generalizations based off of those groups. The region that New Zealand is usually placed in is called Oceania. This region contains the island nations of New Zealand, Australia, New Caledonia,
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geography2-country project - Dave Olsen Geography 2 Country...

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