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Paper 2 Final Draft - Mike Friend The first song that I am...

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Mike Friend The first song that I am choosing to write about is a song by Good Charlotte, entitled “Hold On” . This song is aimed at people who are going through rough times in their life . The controversial topic of suicide is tackled in this song . Benji and Joel Madden, members of Good Charlotte, composed this song . The composers are taking a stand against suicide by telling everyone to hold on . They are trying to help people who are going through hard times in their life with lyrics like “But we all bleed the same way as you do and we all have the same things to go through” . With lyrics like these the artist’s are trying to tell people that if they are going through hard times that they are not the only ones . There are other people that have gone through the same things that they have . The audience for the song “Hold On” is everyone . This is a song that almost everyone can relate to . Whether you are suicidal or have a friend or loved one, everyone knows someone that this song could help or has already helped . You do not have to be going through hard times to be suicidal . Sometimes it’s depression or just the buildup of lots of little things that may push you over the edge . I personally know that this song has helped three of my friends cope with tough periods in their lives . The reasons that this song helps so many are the words at the end of the song and in the chorus . They tell people that the world will get better and that people need to keep searching . Also, in the beginning of the song Good Charlotte is reaching out to people by saying that the world is cold, lonely, and broken . This helps get people interested in this song because people will have something to relate to and will want to hear what else the band has to say about the topic .
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The Madden brother’s inspiration for writing the song “Hold On” is that suicide, in one way or another, has affected all of the members of Good Charlotte . Close friends and relatives had either committed or attempted suicide . The band members received notes from their fans saying that the stress in their life was too much to deal with anymore . They wrote and still perform this song in an effort to help everyone out, whether it is one of the band’s close friends or someone the band has never met before and probably never will . Even though this song has not affected me personally, I know it has convinced many people to not commit suicide and to live life because you never know what is going to happen and how good it is going to get . The song “Hold On” starts by telling everyone that the world is dark, cold, lonely, and broken . The opening of the song is effective at getting people’s attention because it tells people that the band understands that they are going through tough times . The song details multiple problems that people could be having . For example, they mention how people could be depressed, their parents might not be alive, or that they might have abusive parents
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Paper 2 Final Draft - Mike Friend The first song that I am...

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