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Ethics article - changes the cable company will not tell...

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Michael Friend 1/28/08 I read an article about cable companies who have hidden fees and are using a practice called: legal false advertising . What cable companies, such as Comcast and AT&T, are doing is offering lower introductory rates and then raising the price before the customer can experience the low rate . Also in some cases the rate that is advertised ends up being nowhere near the rate that people end up paying because of taxes and fees that consumers end up having to pay . The ethical issue with this is obvious, cable companies are basically lying to all consumers . Cable companies are telling us one and then in the fine print that you can barely read they might say something about a rate change . This does not even always happen because sometimes the companies will not include anything about a rate change in the fine print . Also, when people call to sign up and ask about rate
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Unformatted text preview: changes the cable company will not tell you about rate changes unless they feel that they may lose you to another company . I think what the cable companies need to is tell the public about they are doing and offer rebates to users of their service . The problem we have right now is that no one is regulating the cable companies and so they are starting to become a monopoly over satellite and other forms of receiving television . The FCC used to be in charge of regulating these cable companies but in 1996 when the telecommunications act came in to play the FCC lost all of its control over cable companies. The best thing the cable companies can do is to offer some sort of rebate to consumers or they could lower their prices so that people can get cable with out having to pay outrageous monthly fees to these cable companies....
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