Paper 3 Final Draft

Paper 3 Final Draft - Mike Friend 1 After analyzing each...

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Mike Friend 1 After analyzing each serial case do you see a relation between the killers and a possible audience? Are their actions based on pure desire to kill or is influence of audience considered? After reading about and analyzing these serial killers I do think that there is a relation between killers and a possible audience . However, I think the audience is different for each case . Each killer had their own motivation for killing, some seeking media attention and others looking for a much more limited audience . However, all received ever-increasing media attention unlike anything available in previous times . How this focus increases the potential of creating serial killers in unknown, but should be of concern to everyone . In the first example, Marilyn Manson examined the shooting at Columbine . Manson explained how he believes that we put too much of a spotlight on these serial killers . The excessive media attention could potentially breed a new group of serial killers . In this article, Manson revealed how reporters blamed him and his music for the shootings at Columbine . The reports said that the kids were dressed up like Manson and that it was because of Manson’s music these kids shot up their school . Later, it turns out that these reporters were completely wrong in their report . The Columbine shooters were not dressed like Manson and, in fact, did not even like Manson’s music . The media just needed someone to blame for these teenager’s actions and Manson fit the bill . Manson reminds everyone that even before media coverage there were still violent killings
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Paper 3 Final Draft - Mike Friend 1 After analyzing each...

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